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10:30PM 05/16/2009 Sortok Fowir
<a href=""> перевод </a>
[url=] перевод [/url]

2:36PM 10/30/2008 Vlad
Very Impressive resume. How come that you have ukrainian last name, but you are saing that russian is your native language? Hmm...

Answer: And what?

8:25PM 10/27/2008 Bart Simpson 6457283

8:29AM 05/16/2008 John Doe
Very nice design....Like your use of simplicity.

11:20PM 08/14/2004 MaxX
I was here, too. :-)

Answer: I am very glad to see you :)

10:00AM 04/1/2004 107461002
Welcome to my guestbook.

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